INLU 2022 Panel 3 – People-Centered Justice: Turning Ambitions into Actions in Indonesia

On Tuesday 20 September 2022, Indonesia Netherlands Legal Update (INLU) 2022 Panel 3 has been held hybird at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia and online via zoom.

Ms. Linggawaty Hakim (Adviser to the Minister of Law and Human Rights, Indonesia) opened the discussion in Panel 3. In session 1 there were some panellists such as:

  1. Ms. Swati Mehta, Acting Program Director, Justice for All Program, Pathfinders for Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies
  2. Ms. Adna Karamehic-Oates, Snr. Program Officer, Open Government Society
  3. Ms. Arsa Ilmi Budiarti, Knowledge Manager, Indonesia Judicial Research Society
  4. Ms. Pratiwi Febri – Head of Research, Organization Development, and International Advocacy, Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI)
  5. Windu Kisworo, PhD, Field Program Manager, IDLO Indonesia

Panellists session 2:

  1. Ms. Slavica Zerajik, Head of Unit for Organization of Judiciary and Monitoring of the Reform in the Judicial sector, Ministry of Justice, North Macedonia
  2. Mr. Luis Carlos Guevara Hernández, Department of Planning, Colombia
  3. Mr. Dewobroto Joko Putranto, Director, Law and Regulation, Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Indonesia
  4. Dr. Martin Gramatikov, Program Director, KUCS, HiiL

The panel discussion seeks to bring together representatives from the government and civil society within Indonesia and outside to discuss:

  1. Indonesia’s progress on SDG 16.3 (equal access to justice for all) and how can it be demonstrated at a global level, say at the second SDG summit in 2023;
  2. how can international processes like the High-level Political Forum and the second SDG Summit be leveraged to accelerate action at the national level; and
  3. the ways in which international actors can support measurable progress towards achieving justice for all in Indonesia.



INLU 2022 : Opening Ceremony and Panel 1

Today we’ve successfully conducted the first panel of INLU 2022 series: The Restorative Justice Approach in Indonesia’s Criminal Justice System to Accommodate Access to Justice for All (September 19, 2022).

The Objectives from the discussion consist :
1. Understanding the framework and scope of the restorative justice approach in Indonesia.
2. Sharing experience and lesson learned from the restorative justice approach in the Netherlands and European countries.

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The Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) 2021


The Socio-Legal Studies Association (SLSA) has been running an Annual Conference since the association was founded in 1990. SLSA conferences are central to SLSA’s objective of the dissemination of knowledge in the field of socio-legal studies. The annual conference is hosted each year by a different UK university.

For the first time in its history, in 2021, SLSA decided that conference would be held as a virual conference and hosted by Cardiff University.


SLSA 2021 Virtual Conference was held on March, 30 2021 – April 1, 2021. The Executive Director of IJRS, Dio Ashar and the Researcher of IJRS, Nanda Oktaviani became one of the presenters in session: “Lawyers and Legal Professions”. They presented about “The Opportunity and Roles of Community-Based Paralegal in Fulfilling Legal Aid Rights in Indonesia”.

Global Week for Justice 2020

The Executive Director of IJRS, Dio Ashar in conjunction with YLBHI shared regarding Indonesian Access to Justice Index experiences in Roundtable: Justice Data Priorities and the Pandemic as a one of session of Global Week for Justice event. This event was organized by Pathfinders, World Justice Project and Open Society Justice Initiative.

Dio shared that the Indonesian Access Justice Index helped Indonesian Government to develop the National Mid-term Development Plan for 2020-2024. Dio Also discussed the Justice data is really important to identify justice problems of people and drive policy change to respond those problems

This roundtable, in general, discussed civil justice data with SDGs 16.3.3, existing justice data strategies, COVID-19 and changing justice needs, and recommendations in the future.


Inaugural Asia Pro Bono Virtual Conference & Access to Justice Exchange

The Asia Pro Bono Conference is the annual conference of the regional and global pro bono movements to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable populations. The Asia Pro Bono conference remains a trademark of the Asian region, with a suitable partner selected each year to host the event. The event rotates among Asian countries every year. This year, Asia Pro Bono decided that the conference would be held as a virtual conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inaugural Asia Pro Bono Virtual Conference & Access to Justice Exchange held on September 24-28, 2020. The Executive Director of IJRS, Dio Ashar is becoming one of the presenters in the session : “Legal Aid for the Poor, the Lay People, and Victims of Human Rights Violation”. Dio talks in “Strategies and Collaboration for Effective Monitoring and Participations in Court Appointments” panel. He presented regarding how IJRS works in Indonesia judicial process as well as the strategies for effective monitoring in Indonesia court process. Also, Siska and Meyriza (IJRS’s Researcher) join in this conference as participant.

If anyone would like to see the discussion, please access to this link

Australian Aid Conference 2020

Executive Director of IJRS, Dio Ashar attended the Australian Aid Conference 2020 at the Crowford School of Public Policy, Australian National University on February 17-19, 2020.

This conference had  purpose as a place to exchange ideas, promote collaboration and help the development of the research community by involving researchers and people who work in the international development policy sector.

Dio also had the opportunity to be one of speakers in the panel “engaging civil society for development impacts in Indonesia”. Dio presented the experience of cooperation between civil society, the Supreme Court and Australian Aid through the Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice (AIPJ) program in fulfilling efforts access to justice for women and children in the justice sector.


Indonesian Access To Justice Index

Proudly present that Indonesian government successfully launched the first Access to Justice Index in Indonesia, probably in Asia as well.

This index has been developed by the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas in collaboration with the consortium which consist of Indonesia Judicial Research Society, Indonesian Legal Roundtable and Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation.

After almost two years, the consortium involved in many consultative meeting with Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Statistic Indonesia, some of experts in global level as well as national level. We also work together with 4 of Civil Society Organization to conduct pre-test survey in 5 provinces of Indonesia (Jakarta, Riau, NTB, Sulteng and West Papua). I would like to say thank you for everyone who support and believe us.

Finally, we can publish the result of Indonesian Access to Justice is 69.6 % – recognizing from 0 – 100 % this score is categorize as adequate. I know that the result is not good enough, there is still many problems in the implementation of access to justice in Indonesia. However, this index could be a tool for determining indicator target for Indonesian goverment and civil society in planning as well as monitoring activities.

By the way, we will publish our publication as soon as possible. So, wait for the further information.

Download Access to Justice Index power point INLU 2019 at here.