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The Indonesia Judicial Research Society (IJRS) is a non-governmental institution committed to providing solutions and serving as a connector for the implementation of evidence-based legal advocacy and education. Through reliable and accountable research, we aim to contribute positively to stakeholders and society in general.

Established in 2018 as an Association, we share a common dream of becoming an independent civil society institution capable of making a positive contribution to legal and social policy reform. We strive to achieve this through innovative research and studies based on community needs. We continuously grow as an institution that never stops learning, sharing knowledge, and actively seeking opportunities and collaborations to drive policy changes.

Our personnel come from diverse educational backgrounds, and this diversity drives us to realize our vision and mission through assistance to government working groups, conducting legal and social research, advocating with civil society and government organizations, and empowering communities. This diversity also motivates IJRS to keep learning and broaden perspectives on issues such as criminal justice, access to justice, vulnerable groups, and government institution governance.


A just and reasonable judiciary and legal policies for each human being.



Provide credible and quality evidence-based legal and social research;


Supporting stakeholders on strategic legal issues;


Performing community empowerment for the benefit of society and science in the legal and social fields.

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