Story of Change

Evidence-based criminal justice reform

We collaborate with civil society coalitions to advocate for improvements in criminal law, focusing on issues such as narcotics, restorative justice, capital punishment, and the Criminal Code (KUHP) and Criminal Procedure Code (KUHAP) based on evidence. Assistance to law enforcement agencies is also conducted to promote fair law enforcement with a human rights perspective.

Expanding access to justice for all

We have endeavored to assess the legal needs and access to justice conditions in Indonesia to promote the expansion of public access to the justice they need. This involves strengthening the implementation of legal aid, empowering the community with legal knowledge, and monitoring and evaluating legal service implementation more effectively.

Inclusive protection guarantee for vulnerable groups

Together with civil society networks, we continue to advocate for strengthening policies and perspectives that accommodate the needs and conditions of vulnerable groups related to issues such as sexual violence, child marriage, suitable accommodation for people with disabilities, and other minority groups.

Transformation of legal institutions governance

We believe that effective legal protection and enforcement start with the quality and professionalism of existing legal institutions. We continually strive to promote bureaucratic reform and good governance for law enforcement, institutional work planning, needs-based budgeting, and openness of the government.

Monitoring and evaluation of policy implementation

We have encouraged various research and studies to ensure the evaluation of existing policies, providing references for more effective policy improvements and implementations. Monitoring and evaluation of policies serve as a form of oversight from non-governmental institutions to offer concrete feedback to policymakers.