Indonesia Judicial Research Society (IJRS) is a non-governmental institution committed to offering solutions, conducting advocacy, and providing evidence-based education through reliable and accountable legal research to the public and stakeholders.

Our Focus

Legal Research

We conduct research, monitoring, and evaluation of legal and social phenomena and policies as a reference for evidence-based reform.

Legal Advocacy

We provide assistance and collaborative oversight with stakeholders from both government and civil society on strategic issues.

Legal Education

We enhance the capacity and legal empowerment of the community and other stakeholders.

From the very beginning, our commitment has been to instigate positive policy changes in Indonesia. Through unwavering support and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, we have been striving to make a positive impact on policy changes in Indonesia.

Publications Produced
Communities Reached
Reformed policy

To open up access to legal information and data as extensively as possible, IJRS continues its efforts to organize and share our generated legal information and data to be used as a reference for various groups in strengthening policies.

Assessment of Internal Rules of Law Enforcement Agencies on Restorative Justice Compared to Law Number 1 of 2023 on Criminal Law Code
The Role of Legal Empowerment by the Community in Strengthening Access to Justice for Women in Conflict with the Law in Indonesia
Introduction to the UU TPKS, New Criminal Code, and Bangkok Guidance 2022 related to the Handling of Women & Children for the Indonesian Supreme Court
Basic guidelines of legal aid service standards for legal aid organizations related to vulnerable groups facing the law

Our Contributions for Policy Reform

Compelling piece on our team members

It's Hard to Believe Men Can Be Victims: The Phenomenon of Sexual Violence against Men and its Impact and Community Response
Revisiting Indonesia’s new Criminal Code: A missed opportunity to end legal uncertainty in drug policy
Modus ‘mark up’ laporan kegiatan mahasiswa: bibit dan peluang korupsi di lingkungan kampus
Sextortion: A form of online sexual violence that has many victims, but weak legal protections

Our latest updates

The impact of our work is growing as we engage in meaningful collaborations with partners.