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Sentencing Disparity: Highlighting the Consistency of Court Decisions in Sexual Violence Cases.

In commemoration of International Women’s Day, on Thursday, March 28, 2024, the Indonesia Judicial Research Society (IJRS) together with The Conversation Indonesia, supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2 (AIPJ2), held a public discussion entitled “Sentencing Disparity: Highlighting the Consistency of Court Decisions in Sexual Violence Cases” The Public Discussion, which was held online, was held as a forum for socialization and education for the community, including law enforcement officials, regarding the disparity in sentencing of judges’ decisions in cases of sexual violence.

Some of the recommendations obtained from this Public Discussion in order to prevent disparities in sentencing are the preparation of sentencing guidelines for sexual violence cases, reviewing / revising SEMA 1/2017 because it is no longer in line / relevant to the principles of victim protection regulated in the TPKS Law, conducting socialization of the TPKS Law along with its derivatives, and optimizing the use of the Victim Trust Fund (VTF) for the needs of victims of sexual violence cases is very important. VTF can be utilized to provide support and recovery to victims, whether in terms of education, economic empowerment, or psychological support. It is important to ensure that victims feel supported and motivated to face the recovery process, and the proper utilization of VTF can be a very effective instrument in victim recovery.

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