Research Report

Research Report on Regulations related to Sexual Violence and Accommodation to Legislation in Indonesia


Maria Isabel Tarigan
Kharisanty Soufi Aulia
Naomi Rehulina Barus
Marsha Maharani
Maidina Rahmawati
Girlie Lipsky Aneira Ginting
Feri Sahputra
Putri Amanda Kusuma
Johanna Poerba

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21 x 29,7 cm


With the increasing trend of cases of sexual violence in Indonesia, as well as various long-term implications/impacts for victims of sexual violence, civil society organizations then took the initiative to propose the PKS Bill as an effort to reform the law to overcome various problems of sexual violence that cannot be resolved by the current regulations. . On August 23 2016, the National Commission on Violence Against Women and the Service Providers Forum (FPL) officially submitted the Academic Paper and the PKS Bill to the Chair of Committee III of the Indonesian Regional Representative Council (DPD). At that time, the DPR had received an academic text regarding the Draft Law on the Elimination of Sexual Violence (PKS). And this proposal has been signed by 70 DPR members so that it has become a DPR initiative proposal. (This publication only available in Bahasa Indonesia)


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