Research Report

Research On Sentencing Disparity and Criminal Policy of Narcotics Offence Cases In Indonesia


Matheus Nathanael,
Andreas Nathaniel Marbun,
Nanda Oktaviani,
Adery Ardhan Saputro,
Gladys Nadya Arianto,
Muhammad Ad’har Nasir,
Maria I. Tarigan,
Anugerah Rizki Akbari,
Maidina Rahmawati,
Erasmus A.T. Napitupulu

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17,6 x 25 cm


This report is the result of a comprehensive and in-depth research conducted by the Indonesia Judicial Research Society (IJRS), an institution that is concerned with research and advocacy in the judiciary in Indonesia on various law enforcement problems in narcotics cases that are experienced daily. At present, perpetrators of narcotics abuse are no longer considered criminals who should be imprisoned, but rather are seen as victims of narcotics abusers. This paradigm shift certainly has an impact on the pattern of treatment. As a consequence of this view, the pattern of handling narcotics abusers is more appropriate if they receive rehabilitation and are not sentenced to prison. This is in line with the spirit of implementing restorative justice for narcotics, namely the spirit to restore the situation to the way it was before for victims of criminal acts by taking into account the principle of ultimum remedium and the principle of fast, simple and low-cost justice.


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