Research Report

Reform of the Criminal Procedure Law for Persons with Disabilities in Conflict with the Law


Bestha Inatsan Ashila
Kharisanty Soufi Aulia
Muhammad Rizaldi Warneri
Dio Ashar

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Page: vi+ 137, Book's Height: 21 cm


Through this study we highlight several problems, including firstly the use of terms for people with disabilities which still contain derogatory elements, secondly problems regarding the perspective and knowledge of law enforcement officers which also include the importance of personal assessment and appropriate accommodation, thirdly limited access for people with disabilities to get companions, interpreters and legal aid, fourth, the burden of testimony from witnesses and victims as well as issues regarding the responsibility of people with mental and intellectual disabilities, fifth regarding the application of procedural law for people with disabilities of a certain mental age.

The selected problems are the result of a literature review and are based on issues that are often topics of discussion with organizations of people with disabilities in the field.

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