Research Report

Opportunities and Challenges of Implementing Restorative Justice in the Criminal Justice System in Indonesia


Maidina Rahmawati,
Adery Ardhan Saputro,
Andreas N. Marbun,
Dio Ashar Wicaksana,
Erasmus A.T. Napitupulu,
Girlie Lipsky Aneira Ginting,
Jane Aileen Tedjaseputra,
Liza Farihah,
Matheus Nathanael Siagian,
Nisrina Irbah Sati,
Raynov Tumorang Pamintori

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17,6 x 25 cm


As an approach, restorative justice is expected to be an alternative way of handling criminal acts involving criminals, victims, victims’ families, or perpetrators and other related parties to seek a fair solution by emphasizing restoration to its original state not focusing on punishment without repercussions. positive for victims. This book discusses the opportunities and challenges in implementing this restorative justice approach in the current and future Indonesian criminal justice system. This book is very good at providing insights in efforts to encourage the realization of an effective response to crime in society.


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