Research Report

Legal Needs Survey for Vulnerable Groups 2022


Arsa Ilmi Budiarti
Dio Ashar Wicaksana
Gladys Nadya Arianto
Kharisanty Soufi Aulia
Khotimun Sutanti
Pratiwi Febry
Gina Sabrina
Febda Risha Lestiana
Abdul Malik Akdom
April Pattiselanno Putri
Vania Christabel

Year Published:

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Page: iii + 252, Book's Height : 21 cm


Through this survey, we dig deeper into the specific legal needs of each group, including realities and challenges, perspectives and dynamics of the legal process, barriers for persons with disabilities to access justice, the ongoing struggle to achieve self-sufficiency and indigenous peoples’ land rights, the impact of poverty on access to justice, and the legal needs of women and children, particularly in relation to violence. Based on the survey results, we found that the factor of poverty will intersect with other forms of vulnerability, offend legal needs, and complicate access to justice. With these achievements, we would like to underline the importance of addressing economic vulnerabilities in any effort to increase access to justice.


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