Research Report

Assessment of Internal Rules of Law Enforcement Agencies on Restorative Justice Compared to Law Number 1 of 2023 on Criminal Law Code


  • Aisyah Assyifa
  • Aditya Weriansyah
  • Matheus Nathanael Siagian
  • Gregorius Yoseph Laba
  • Andreas Nathaniel Marbun

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iii + 55, 21 cm


Over the past five years, internal regulations within law enforcement agencies have been emerging, and those regulations have explicitly incorporated restorative justice principles. Internal Regulations, such as the Attorney General’s Regulation No. 15/2020 and the National Police Regulation No. 8/2021, demonstrated efforts to adopt restorative justice. Additionally, the guidelines issued by the Directorate-General of Public Courts (Badilum) are vital resources for implementing restorative justice within the judicial environment. Following the adoption of the new Criminal Code, Law Number 1 of 2023, it has become imperative to assess the compatibility of the existing internal regulations with the new Criminal Code’s framework. This Assessment Report on Indonesia Law Enforcement’s Internal Regulations Concerning Restorative Justice Against the Criminal Code No. 1 of 2023 provides a comprehensive analysis of the implications of the 2023 Criminal Code on law enforcement agencies’ internal regulations. Through a literature review, normative juridical analysis, and qualitative interviews, the Institute for Criminal Justice (ICJR), in collaboration with UNODC, have identified areas requiring adjustment and formulated recommendations for legal reforms.


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