Research Report

An Outlook On Sexual Violence Case Handling In Indonesia


Arsa Ilmi Budiarti,
Marsha Maharani,
Maria Tarigan,
Bestha Inatsan Ashila,
Dio Ashar Wicaksana,
Adery Ardhan Saputro

Year Published :

2nd edition, 2024

Book Specifications :

17,6 x 25 cm


The findings in this book can be an illustration of the pattern of the phenomenon of sexual violence that is happening today. It is hoped that the collection of data from this research can serve as a reference material for reflecting on the conditions or phenomena of sexual violence experienced by women who resolve their cases through the courts. In addition, bearing in mind that the Draft Law on Sexual Violence is currently being drafted and discussed, it is hoped that this research can serve as input and reference for discussing regulations regarding sexual violence.


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