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OGWeek2024 Enabling Open Government for All

The Government and Civil Society once again organized this year’s OG Week which was held from Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2024!

IJRS was involved in several #OGWeek2024 discussion panels, including:

  • Public Discussion: Open Government in Indonesian Government Policy

This discussion discusses how achievements have been obtained and future opportunities to ensure participatory & transparent governance of Open Government Indonesia. This is important to highlight because the 2025-2029 government period is coming soon, so it is mandatory for the government & CSOs to strengthen collaboration for a more open government.

  • Public Discussion: The Urgency of Collaboration in the Implementation and Evaluation of Policies on Women and Children Against the Law

IJRS has long worked with the Indonesian Supreme Court & Attorney General’s Office to promote protection for women & children in conflict with the law. Policies have been developed and sought to be implemented together. However, the extent to which the existing policies have been implemented needs to be monitored and evaluated together.

  • Talkshow: The Future Direction of Legal Aid Policy with a Vulnerable Group Perspective

This talkshow will provide an update on the revision of the Bankum Law, including why it is important, especially for vulnerable groups. The speakers together identified the extent of Bankum’s achievements & the challenges that continue to be faced so that the revision of the Bankum Law needs to be guarded. This talkshow also aims to provide space for the public to provide input on the process and content of the Bankum Bill, knowing the role of local governments and strengthening steps that can be taken in carrying out the provision of legal aid evenly.

  • Discussion on Strengthening and Sustainability of Local OGP: A Good Practice of Government-CSO Co-Creation

IJRS, Seknas FITRA, INFID, Central KI, and NTB Provincial Government shared how local OGP practices and steps have been taken and need to be strengthened to ensure local involvement in encouraging open government.

Watch the discussion again on this Youtube playlist: 


Other Activities:

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IJRS officially joined the 18 Coalition
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