Kegiatan Kami

2023 OGP Summit in Tallinn, Estonia

On September 6, 2023, IJRS participated in a bilateral meeting between representatives from the Republic of Indonesia and the Philippines at the 2023 OGP Global Summit in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Republic of Indonesian delegation is comprised of representatives from the Indonesia Ministry of Law and Human Rights, the Indonesia Ministry of National Development Planning, and the Indonesia Judicial Research Society. Meanwhile, the Republic of the Philippines delegation is represented by the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Philippines and the Department of Justice of the Republic of the Philippines.

Through this bilateral discussion we are able to examine the best practices and lessons learned from both nations’ implementation of legal assistance laws. The Indonesian delegation is learning about the Philippines’ government and community involvement in guaranteeing access to justice. Following this meeting, both delegations will continue to communicate further in order to learn and adopt the good practices from one another to ensure the inclusive implementation of legal aid policy and the principle of access to justice.


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