Global Week for Justice 2020

The Executive Director of IJRS, Dio Ashar in conjunction with YLBHI shared regarding Indonesian Access to Justice Index experiences in Roundtable: Justice Data Priorities and the Pandemic as a one of session of Global Week for Justice event. This event was organized by Pathfinders, World Justice Project and Open Society Justice Initiative.

Dio shared that the Indonesian Access Justice Index helped Indonesian Government to develop the National Mid-term Development Plan for 2020-2024. Dio Also discussed the Justice data is really important to identify justice problems of people and drive policy change to respond those problems

This roundtable, in general, discussed civil justice data with SDGs 16.3.3, existing justice data strategies, COVID-19 and changing justice needs, and recommendations in the future.


Inaugural Asia Pro Bono Virtual Conference & Access to Justice Exchange

The Asia Pro Bono Conference is the annual conference of the regional and global pro bono movements to improve access to justice for the most vulnerable populations. The Asia Pro Bono conference remains a trademark of the Asian region, with a suitable partner selected each year to host the event. The event rotates among Asian countries every year. This year, Asia Pro Bono decided that the conference would be held as a virtual conference due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inaugural Asia Pro Bono Virtual Conference & Access to Justice Exchange held on September 24-28, 2020. The Executive Director of IJRS, Dio Ashar is becoming one of the presenters in the session : “Legal Aid for the Poor, the Lay People, and Victims of Human Rights Violation”. Dio talks in “Strategies and Collaboration for Effective Monitoring and Participations in Court Appointments” panel. He presented regarding how IJRS works in Indonesia judicial process as well as the strategies for effective monitoring in Indonesia court process. Also, Siska and Meyriza (IJRS’s Researcher) join in this conference as participant.

If anyone would like to see the discussion, please access to this link