Siti Ismaya (Ismaya) has been graduate from Legal Studies degree program, Jentera Indonesian Law College in 2022, with a specialization in Criminal Law. Currently, Ismaya is a Researcher Assistant at IJRS. In carrying out the work program, Ismaya will be involved in research on “Corporate Criminal Liability” and “Assessment of Implications of the RKUHP on the Criminal Procedure Code and RKUHAP”. In addition, Ismaya will also be involved in several policy formulation programs, namely “Guidelines for the Prosecutor’s Office on Prosecution Discretion”, “Guidelines for Restorative Justice”, and “Government Regulations on Penal Mediation”.

When they were students, Ismaya and his colleagues participated in the Corruption-Free Economics Scientific Writing Competition at Gadjah Mada University on the issue of the justice system entitled “Digital Forensic Approaches in Handling Corruption Crimes in the Forestry Sector in Indonesia”. Ismaya has also completed his thesis entitled “The Crime of Child Incest: Discourse and Implementation of Chemical Castration Policies in Indonesia”.

Before becoming a Research Assistant at IJRS, Ismaya had an internship at the Legal Registrar Division of the Slawi District Court in July-August 2020. In addition, Ismaya also had an internship in the Division of Case Handling of the Community Legal Aid Institute (LBH Masyarakat) in September 2021-July 2022.


Bachelor of Law, Jentera Indonesian College of Law


Research Program

  • Assessment Implementation of Ped 11/2021 Narcotics in the Jakarta Attorney General’s Office
  • Implementation of Law No.21 of 2007 concerning Eradication of Criminal Act of Trafficking in Persons
  • Criminal Disparity Cases of Sexual Violence

Policy preparation program

  • Draft Amendment to the Regulation of the Attorney General Number: PER-014/A/JA/11/2012 concerning the Code of Ethics of the Prosecutor’s Behavior
  • Draft Prosecutors Regulations Regarding Prosecutors and/or Public Prosecutors In carrying out their duties and authorities, they can act according to their assessment

Other programs

  • Socialization of Ped 11/2021 Narcotics to Advocate Organizations and Legal Aid Organizations
  • Restorative Justice Working Group Activities