Shofana Sekar Humairoh or commonly called Ana, has been graduated from D3 Business Administration from the Politeknik Negeri Jakarta and a graduate of the Bachelor program majoring in Management, Pancasila University.

Ana is currently serving as a public works staff at IJRS. Ana is responsible for the administration and HR of the institution. In the management of IJRS, Ana has been active in assisting the preparation of Institutional SOPs as well as developing a performance evaluation system for HR. In addition, Ana also has experience as the person in charge of program administration with development partner institutions such as USAID, AUS AID and the TIFA Foundation.


  • D3 Business Administration, Politeknik Negeri Jakarta.
  • S1 Management, Pancasila University.


  • Administration of the probono implementation program and survey of legal needs with the TIFA Foundation (2020)
  • Administration of the Gender Equality Promis program at the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office with AIPJ2 and Aus AID (2020)
  • Administration of the program for drafting guidelines for criminal acts of corruption with the Asia Foundation and USAID CEGAH (2017-2019)