Aisyah Assyifa currently serves as a Research Assistant at IJRS. Aisyah is a graduate of the Jentera Indonesian Law College. Programs currently being run at IJRS include:

  • Preparation of Prosecution Discretionary Guidelines
  • Penal Mediation Study Research
  • Corporate Criminal Liability Research
  • TPPO Research

Prior to joining IJRS, Aisyah participated in the Work-Learning program at PUSKAPA in February-May 2022 and became an enumerator to review data on the number of regulations in the National Priorities for the National Medium-Term Development Plan 2020-2024 with the Indonesian Center for Law and Policy Studies.

Aisyah also received the Best Presentation predicate for the paper “Analysis of Problems and Impacts in the Process of Forced Evictions” at the 2019 FHUI National Law Symposium and Awardee for the Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards program organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture to Michigan State University, United States of America.


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