Muhammad Rizaldi (Aldi) graduates from the Faculty of Law of UI in 2013. Previously in 2015, he also participated as lecturer in the anti-corruption clinic class in the Faculty of Law of UI.

Aldi was involved in several trial monitoring activities, or in the research against the consistence of court decision. He has focus in researching and monitoring anti-corruption issues as well as victim’s protection such as in the case of sexual abuse. Besides, Aldi also involved in several national advocacy, such as in the selection of Ad Hoc Judge for Corruption cases.

In 2013, Aldi was chosen as Indonesia’s representative in the “High Level Judicial Integrity Group Meeting: Judicial Integrity” held by the UNODC-UNDP in Bangkok. Outside of research, Aldi was also active as facilitator in several forum, particularly related to the court monitoring. He even currently obtained certificate as a mediator after finishing his mediation training.


Bachelor of Law, University of Indonesia (2013)


  1. Development of Information System and Utilisation of Court Decision /Pengembangan Sistem Informasi dan Pemanfaatan Putusan Pengadilan (2013)
  2. Survey on the Implementation of Court Openness to Information /Survey Implementasi Keterbukaan Informasi Pengadilan (2013 & 2014)
  3. Monitoring of Prosecutor’s Performance during Trial /Pemantauan Kinerja Jaksa selama Persidangan (2014)
  4. Assessment on the Consistency of Decision for Sexual Abuse against Women and the Disabled /Assesmen Konsistensi Putusan Perkara Kejahatan Kekerasan Seksual terhadap Perempuan dan Penyandang Disabilitas (2015)
  5. Development of E-Learning Modul for Information Officer in the Religious Court /Pengembangan Modul E-Learning untuk Petugas Informasi di Pengadilan Agama (2015)
  6. Development of Judge Performance Management System to Increase the Success of Court Mediation (2015)
  7. Monitoring to Court of Criminal Act of Corruption /Pemantauan Pengadilan Tindak Pidana Korupsi (2015-2016)



  1. Co-Author, investigation Guide to the Public Officials for the Society/Panduan Investigasi terhadap Pejabat Publik untuk Masyarakat (2013)
  2. CSO Report, Implementation of UNCAC in Indonesia/Implementasi UNCAC di Indonesia, 2013
  3. CSO Report, Implementation of National Strategy to Prevent Corruption/Implementasi Stranas untuk Pencegahan Korupsi, 2013
  4. CSO Report Book for the Monitoring & Evaluation/Buku Panduan CSO untuk Pemantauan & Evaluasi “The 5. National Strategy to Prevent and Eradicate Corruption”, 2013