Pro Bono System Development as an Effort to Improve Access to Justice

BPHN, BPS, LBH Lampung and LBH Makassar

Yayasan TIFA

  1. Website-based Pro Bono System
    Based on the results of the research conducted, it shows that there has been an overlap in the understanding and implementation of pro bono with legal assistance. Many of the respondents who incidentally were advocates were unable to differentiate from the legal basis to the technical procedures for pro bono implementation and legal assistance. Not only that, the pro bono reporting mechanism carried out by advocates also encountered several obstacles and challenges in its implementation. Thus, the Pro Bono system through is expected to be a meeting place for clients and advocates who want to run pro bono as well as a pro bono recording mechanism by advocates who can be accountable to BPHN.
  2. System Usage Booklet
    Can be seen in the Publications section
  3. e-Probono training
    Conducted to the Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI) after the MoU between KAI and IJRS for the use of as a system for recording pro bono activities carried out by advocates who are members of KAI
  4. Video e-Probono
    Can be seen on Youtube IJRS TV