Advocacy on the Result of the Legal Needs Survey, Pro Bono System Development and Legal Aid Leadership Course as an Effort to Incrase Access to Justice

BPHN, BPS, LBH Lampung dan LBH Makassar

Yayasan TIFA

December 2019 – December 2020

  1. Research Report Book
    Although many legal reform measures have been taken, it seems that it has not yet fully impacted evenly on access to justice for all Indonesian people. In the results of the 2019 Indonesian Access to Justice Index, it was also found that many Indonesians chose not to make any efforts when facing legal problems. This finding is also reinforced by the low level of public access to legal aid – due to the uneven distribution of Legal Aid Organizations (OBH) and the low level of public knowledge of free legal aid. Seeing these findings, research to see the legal needs of the Indonesian people becomes very important – to thoroughly map what legal problems are often faced by the community. Although it is only limited to 2 (two) provinces, it is hoped that policy makers can use the results of this research as a reference for determining more targeted policies, because the policies that will be made are in accordance with the needs of the community. So that the government’s commitment to ensuring the fulfillment of rights and access to justice for the community can be increased with the existence of these data. More can be seen in the Publications section.
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  5. Adoption of the Legal Needs Survey in the National Socio-Economic Survey