Neka Rusyda Supriatna has been graduated from University of Indonesia, Library and Information Science since 2016. Neka began working as an Information Manager (Librarian) under the supervision of the General Manager in IJRS. Neka has responsibility to manage the library, archives and knowledge management in IJRS.

Neka is also one of the social media content creator on making Instagram content, websites content, or media publications (printed and online) at IJRS. Neka has several times participated in training related to social media and design to support his work. Neka had the opportunity to be one of the participants of a Social Media training organized by a communications consulting agency named Maverick (2018) and managed to be the most active participant along with her team. Neka also attended graphic design training organized by Sobat Cyber ​​Indonesia (2020) in collaboration with and Kominfo RI (Ministry of Communication and Information, Republic of Indonesia). Also, infographic training held by (2018).

Neka likes to share her knowledge with others, Neka has been invited twice to be a speaker in AIPJ 2 (Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice 2) at Cakap Kamisan discussion she talked about “Social Media Strategy for NGOs and the Community” and “Building Brand and Advocacy in the Middle of Covid Pandemic -19 “.


Bachelor of Library and Information Science , Faculty of Humanity, University of Indonesia (2016)



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