Choky Risda Ramadhan or commonly called Bang Choky is a Researcher and Academic of the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia on issues of justice, criminal procedural law, anti-corruption, and criminal policy. In addition to teaching procedural law, Bang Choky also teaches the Anti-Corruption Clinic at FHUI which does not use conventional teaching because it combines knowledge, skills, and values ​​that are instilled in students.

Bang Choky is a graduate of the Law Faculty of the University of Indonesia and a graduate of the University of Washington Masters program. Currently Bang Choky is undergoing a Doctoral Program at the University of Washington, United States.

Bang Choky once had experience leading an NGO. He served as daily chairman of MaPPI FHUI in 2012 – 2018, and became chairman of MaPPI FHUI in 2018-2019.


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