Bunga Pertiwi Tontowi Puteri (Bunga) completed her bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at the Department of Sociology, University of Indonesia. Bunga is a research assistant at IJRS, which currently focuses on women’s and children’s issues. As a research assistant, Bunga will assist in the program “Monitoring and Evaluation of Perma 3/2017 and Perma 5/2019”, “Development of Monitoring Tools Guidelines for Perma 3/2017 and Perma 5/2019 with CSOs”, “Research on the Disparity of Sexual Violence”, and “Development of CSO Campaign and Publication Platforms through Data Portal”.

Before joining IJRS, Bunga was a Program Assistant for LabSosio (Sociological Studies Unit) University of Indonesia and joined several LabSosio research as research assistants in several LabSosio (Sociological Studies Unit) projects at the University of Indonesia:

  • Open Data KIT for Farmer Connectivity: Small Scale Organic Food Consumers: The Case of Organic Farmers in Manggarai – Flores NTT by the Research Cluster Rural Ecological Society team, LabSosio UI,
  • Research on Asian Well-Being – Indonesia by the LabSosio FISIP UI Research team,
  • Research on the Effect of the Digital Penetration Gap between Adolescents and Parents on Family Interaction in Wonosobo Regency by Research Cluster Rural Ecological Society LabSosio-LPPSP UI

Bunga has also been involved as a Researcher in Research on Improved Governance of Children’s Forum Participation Mechanisms for the Fulfilment of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Tulungagung District, financed by the Small Grant Initiative – Power to You(th) Rutgers WPF Indonesia. Not only that, Bunga also has several academic writings both as the main author and co-authors that have been published.



  • S1 Sociology University of Indonesia
  • Master of Sociology, University of Indonesia


  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Perma 3/2017 and Perma 5/2019 with Court Decision Analysis
  • Development of Monitoring Tools Guidelines for Perma 3/2017 and Perma 5/2019 with CSOs
  • TPKS Disparity Research
  • Development of CSO Publication and Campaign Platform through Data Portal


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