Bestha Inatsan Ashila (Etha) is a graduate from the Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia. Before joining IJRS, Etha has already involved in several other researches. She joined as supporting staff in the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection and interned at Artheria Dahlan Lawfrim before.

Etha has interest in the research related to Human Rights issues, hence she was previously involved in the research related to the child and women protection. Currently at IJRS, Etha is involved in the research related to sexual abuse and advocavy to encourage fair trial for the disabled.


Bachelor of Law, University of Indonesia (2016)


  1. WASH for School Facilitator (2013)
  2. Structural Legal Assistance on the Discrimination Against Women /Bantuan Hukum struktural pada diskriminasi terhadap perempuan (2014)
  3. Characteristic, Education, and Health Condition of Street Children in Jakarta/Karateristik, Pendidikan, dan Kondisi Kesehatan dari Anak-Anak Jalanan di Jakarta (2014)
  4. Mestrual Hygiene Management Research (2014)
  5. Survey of Sense of Justice against Sexual Abuse Cases/Survey Sense of Justice terhadap Kasus Kekerasan Seksual (2016)