Bestha Inatsan Ashila has been graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. Prior to joining IJRS, Bestha was involved in several works and research on legal and social issues. Previously, she had joined the support staff at the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection and was the Head of the Division of Protection for Vulnerable Groups at MaPPI FHUI. Currently Bestha serves as Deputy of Knowledge Management at IJRS.

Bestha has an interest in human rights issues and vulnerable groups, previously she was involved in research related to women’s and children’s issues. Bestha has been involved as a project manager in work to promote gender equality in the judiciary, including:

  • Promoting Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination principal in the Attorney General Office (AGO) and Supreme Court (SC)
  • Gender Equality Social Barometer Survey on “People’s Perception and Level of Support for the RUU PKS and Law no. 16 of 2019 Amendments to Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning marriage

Not only research, Bestha is also involved in several advocacy with civil society and stakeholders such as:

  • Advocacy for the preparation of prosecutor’s guidelines related to access to justice for women and children
  • Advocacy for the PKS Bill
  • Advocacy related to PERMA No. 3/2017 and PERMA No. 5/2019
  • Civil society advocacy for prevention of child marriage and child protection

In addition to being involved in research and advocacy, Bestha is also involved in public education activities including being a resource person in various webinars, talk shows and trainings including Cakap Kamisan, Grand Training Hope Helps, SuarAkademia Podcast, and being one of the speakers at the Launching of Prosecutor’s Guidelines No. 1 2021. Bestha also qualified as a selected participant in the Human Rights Leadership to Influence Policy Short Term Award – Australia Awards 2021 training.


Bachelor of Law, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (2015)


  • WASH for School-UNICEF (2013)
  • Structural Legal Aid on discrimination against women (2014)
  • Characteristics, Education, and Health Conditions of Street Children in Jakarta (2014)
  • Mestrual Hygiene Management Research-UNICEF(2014)
  • Sense of Justice Survey on Sexual Violence Cases (2016)
  • Gender Equality Social Barometer Survey (2020)
  • Study on the Application of the Regulation of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia No. 3 of 2017 in five SPPT-PKKTP regional partners (2020)



  • Gender Equality Barometer Quantitative Study Report
  • Guidelines for adjudicating Applications for Dispensation for Marriage
  • Compendium of PLWHA Facilitators Facing the Law
  • Guidelines for Handling Cases of Persons with Disabilities Facing the Law in the Scope of the Court
  • Records of Fulfilling Access to Justice for Women in Conflict with the Law
  • Pocket Book of Access to Justice for Women and Children in Criminal Cases

Amicus Curiae

  • Stop Criminalizing Victims of Domestic Sexual Violence
  • Reject Meliana’s Verdict on Blasphemy Case!
  • Refuse to Imprison Victims of Sexual Violence!


The Conversation :

  • Encouraging the Role of Judges in Preventing Child Marriage
  • Women and Children still struggle with the law: new guidelines for prosecutors can help
  • Just get married!: how the handling of sexual violence has not focused on recovery and the rights of victims
  • The KPI case: A portrait of the police’s neglect of victims of sexual violence in Indonesia

HukumOnline :

  • Sexual Violence against Men: Ignored and Not Taken Seriously