Arsa Ilmi (Arsa) graduated from Sociology major at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), University of Indonesia (UI). Since joining IJRS, Arsa has focused on social research especially in quantitative research methods as the main approach. Arsa is currently joining as a researcher in the Protection of Vulnerable Groups at IJRS.

Early in his career at IJRS, Arsa had the opportunity to develop an Access to Justice Index in Indonesia with IDLO and Bappenas RI and a Legal Needs Survey in Lampung and South Sulawesi Provinces. After joining the Vulnerable Group Protection Division, Arsa also conducted a survey related to Public Response regarding the Regulation Draft of Sexual Violence and Child Marriage issue with INFID Indonesia, as well as developing a court monitoring form for the implementation of the Supreme Court Regulation (PERMA) No. 3 of 2017 concerning Guidelines for Judges to Deal with Women Against the Law in Court. In addition, Arsa is currently preparing a curriculum and training materials for e-learning for the Crime of Child Sexual Exploitation (TPESA) with ECPAT Indonesia and PERMA No. 3/2017 and PERMA No. 5/2019 for the Supreme Court of the Republic of Indonesia.

Apart from research, Arsa is also involved in advocation of the implementation of the index of access to justice for the Indonesian National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) and also the advocation of the Hansos Survey module by including the Access to Justice Index indicator and the Legal Needs Survey with BPS RI. Arsa has even been involved as a participant in the 2019 World Justice Forum (WJF) with the theme “Realizing Justice for All” in the Netherlands with representatives from Bappenas RI, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, BPS RI, and representatives of other civil society members. Until now, Arsa is still exploring and working on the issue of child marriage, access to justice and court monitoring by ensuring evidence-based solutions.


Bachelor Degree of Sociology, Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, University of Indonesia (2016)


  • Public survey related to public response regarding the Anti-Sexual Violence Bill and Law no. 16/2019 on Marriage (2020)
  • Development of monitoring form for PERMA No. 3/2017 (2020)
  • Legal Needs Survey in South Sulawesi and Lampung Provinces (2019)
  • Indonesian Access to Justice Index (2019)



  • Guideline book for Monitoring PERMA No. 3/2017 concerning Guidelines for for Judges to Deal with Women Against the Law Implementation in Court (2020)
  • Indonesian Access to Justice Index 2019 (IJRS: 2019)