Arsa Ilmi (Arsa) has been graduate from Sociology at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Indonesia (UI). Arsa has a focus on research and analysis of legal & social data through a quantitative approach.

Currently Arsa joins as a researcher at IJRS on issues of vulnerable groups, especially women and children, as well as issues of access to justice. Arsa is also part of the Knowledge Management division for technology product management, research data processing and institutional branding.

Early in his career at IJRS, Arsa had the opportunity to be involved in measuring the Access to Justice Index in Indonesia with Bappenas RI. Until now, Arsa is also involved in various quantitative and qualitative research implementations with CSOs and stakeholders, the preparation of learning modules for the Supreme Court, the development of legal technology products, as well as monitoring and evaluation with BPHN and the Supreme Court.

In addition, Arsa is also involved in various advocacy and campaigns, such as the access to justice index, legal needs survey, open government, and child marriage.


Bachelor of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), University of Indonesia (2011 – 2015)


  • Index of Access to Justice in Indonesia, together with Bappenas RI, YLBHI and ILR (2019)
  • Survey of Legal Needs in South Sulawesi and Lampung Provinces, together with LBH Makassar and LBH Lampung (2019)
  • Development of OBH Evaluation Measurement Tool, with BPHN (2020)
  • Preparation of the Pocket Book of Guidelines for Handling Marriage Dispensation Cases for Judges (2020)
  • Gender Equality Barometer Quantitative Study, with INFID (2020)
  • Qualitative Research Review of PERMA No. Implementation. 3/2017 with Komnas Perempuan (2020)
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of PERMA No. 3/2017 (2021)
  • Preparation of learning modules and implementation of e-Learning PERMA No. 3/2017 and PERMA No. 5/2019 for Judges (2021)



  • Book Building the Capacity of Judges in Judging TPESA (2020)
  • PERMA 3/2017 Monitoring Guidebook by MaPPI FHUI (2020)
  • The Compendium of PLWHA Dealing with the Law by MaPPI FHUI (2020)
  • Index of Access to Justice in Indonesia Survey of Legal Needs in Indonesia 2019 (2020)
  • Legal Needs Survey Book in South Sulawesi and Lampung Provinces (2020)
  • Book of Quantitative Studies of Gender Equality Barometer (2020)