Arianda Lastiur Paulina or who is familiarly called Ari, is a Research Assistant at IJRS. Ari has completed his undergraduate education from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in 2022 with a thesis entitled “Sextortion with a Threat Motive of Disseminating Intimate Content as Cyber ​​Gender-Based Violence According to Indonesian Criminal Law.” When he was a student, Ari was active in the Student Executive Board, PERFILMA, LaSAle, and also RBC FH UI.

As a Research Assistant, Ari is involved in Criminal Justice Reform programs such as “Socialization of Prosecutor’s Guide 11 of 2021 on Narcotics to Advocates and Legal Aid Organizations,” “Research on Criminal Disparities in Sexual Violence Cases,” and “Research on Penal Mediation Studies.” In addition, Ari is also involved in Vulnerable Group programs such as “Research on Discrimination CRM for Minority Groups on Academic Papers,” and “Training on PERMA 3 Year 2018 and PERMA 5 Year 2019 toward judges.”

Before Ari joined IJRS, Ari had internship experience at the Pontianak District Court (Criminal Registrar, Civil Registrar, Legal Aid Post) in January – March 2021, Anti-Corruption Clinic, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (September 2021 – January 2022), and the Supervision Department Capital Market (Real Sector – Assessment of Non-Manufacturing Companies) Financial Services Authority in March 2022.


S1 Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia


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