Aditya Weriansyah, or who is often called Adit, is a final year scholar at the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia specializing in Criminal Law. While on campus, Adit was active in the LaSALe organization, LK2 FHUI and the BEM UI Learning House. In addition, Adit also had an internship at the Institute for Legal Aid Consultation and Dispute Resolution Options, Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (LKBH-PPS FHUI) and became an Enumerator at IJRS for the Narcotics Decision Indexation program Articles 111-116 and Article 127 as well as the Human Trafficking Crime Decision Indexation program.

Currently Adit is a part-time research assistant at IJRS. As a research assistant, Adit is involved in various work programs in the field of criminal justice reform, namely Research on the Implementation of PED 11/2021 on Narcotics in the DKI Kajati Region, Preparation of PERMA Guidelines for Adjudicating Narcotics and Research on Corporate Criminal Liability.